David Pocknee: Composer

Biography (Not Randomly-Generated Each Time The Page Loads)

I am a composer, performer, and visual artist.
I am currently studying for a PhD in music composition at Huddersfield University.
I previously gained my bachelor's degree in music from the same institution,
and I was awarded a Master's degree from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.

I am a founding member of the independent research body, The Institute Of Applied Cultural Economics and Sociology, and its subsidiary New Fordist Organization artist collective.

Between 2012 and 2013, I helped run the twitter-based daily experimental text score service Text Score A Day.
I have previously played in the music and performance-art group Acid Police Noise Ensemble, and in Huddersfield's experimental Edges Ensemble.

I engage in quite a lot of writing and editing related to music.
In 2015, I edited Huddersfield University's 5th edition of its CeReNeM Journal about New Music.
I have previously been involved in editing independent publications for The Institutes of ACES and my own, short-lived Much Too Much Noise zine for radical aesthetics.
I currently publish confrontationally conceptual work by myself and others under the same name.

I co-curate a series of concerts for experimental music and performance art, called Weisslich in London.

The rest of my life is shrouded in mystery.

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