David Pocknee: Composer

Spoiler Alert! - 100 Songs About Action Movies (2013 - ?)

A new, ongoing project in which I attempt to write 100 songs about action movies, released in 10-song volumes. Below is volume 1.

Volume 1:

Volume 2:


I used to play in a band called iodo between 2003-2008. Below you can download nearly everything we ever did together for free:

All iodo albums for free

Soulful Dave P

I am lucky enough to have worked with one of the most revolutionary R&B/hip-hop artists of the last decade: Soulful Dave P.

Here is his groundbreaking album, Modern Love available for free download:

Modern Love

1. Casserole
2. Underage
3. Hot Rutting
4. Virtual Love
5. Golden
6. Magic
7. Professional Lover
8. P.S. i luv u

Download the whole album as a .zip file

About The Album

You will never forget your first kiss, the first time you fell in love, and the first time you were stung by a wasp. Likewise, you will never forget the first time you hear the music of Soulful Dave P.

For me, it was in a lonely singles bar in Tenerife in the summer of 2007. I was having a stilted, unpromising, conversation to a beautiful and dull, young lady, with the aim of engaging in intercourse when over the speakers came the most amazing music. It was powerful and direct. It shot straight from the hip. And straight to the hip (to this day it is the most powerful afrodisiac I have ever experienced, musical or otherwise). Needless to say that, within minutes, the young lady and I found ourselves adding to the heat of that balmy, mediterranean night from within cheap, rented accomodation.

I later had the opportunity of interviewing the man himself for a newspaper article on contemporary R’n’B and was surprised to find a man as powerful, assertive and sexual as the music he creates. During our conversation he talked much about the incredible power of music to take one outside of oneself, and all over somebody else. It is this quality that I think is captured so elegantly on this, his debut album.

The track I heard that night in Tenerife turned out to be an early demo of ‘Casserole’ – the first track on this album. However, this collection of songs is much more than just ‘Casserole’: it is a nine course meal, with extensive buffet and finger dips: a meal that finds you waited on by one of the foremost singers, songwriters and producers of his generation. This is the work of a true master of his style: a style you will never forget.

Alexis Petredis
The Guardian

New Soulful Dave P (2013)

DJ Triceratops - Skeptral Dubstep EP (2013)

Under the name DJ Triceratops, I invented Spektral Dubstep in early 2013. It is dubstep that explodes up to the 64th partial:

Marble Gardens - Uncaucasian Location EP (2013)

Three Hip-Hop Instrumentals:

They Drifted Taut - Happiness Would Be The Ruin Of Me EP

Originally written and recorded in 2008, when I thought they would be part of an iodo EP, I then sat on the tracks for 4 and a half years, before mixing and mastering them in 2013:


Here are some songs I wrote: (2009)

Ontbijt Koek Song

Apology Song