David Pocknee: Composer


A collection of tools designed to help other composers


A piece of software that uses a genetic algorithm to find optimal 12-tone rows, given a set of criteria. The code is here: https://github.com/dpocknee/dodecafinder.

Extraction Of Parts From Handwritten Scores

This method is designed for the easy, automated extraction of instrumental parts from handwritten scores.
The process works by taking the scanned images of pages of your scores, copying the area containing a particular instrument from every page of your score into new files, and then compiling it into an OpenOffice word file.


The video below shows how the scripts can be used once they are installed and what they can do. I use an example of a 20 page score for 5 instruments on A4 paper in landscape orientation and extract a violin part into a new OPenOffice document in A4 Portrait orientation.

All files for the score are kept in the folder 'Score' on the Desktop. I extract the violin part from this score using GIMP, which saves all images in a new folder named 'Violin Part' on the Desktop. Then OpenOffice is used to compile all the images together into a part in A4 Portrait orientation.


The instructions can be downloaded here (although copy the code below for the latest version of the script:

instructions as .pdf

Programs used:

This method uses two, free, open source programs, available for both mac and PC:
- The GIMP image editing program. This method definitely works with version 2.6.8. and up
- The 'Writer' word processor from the Open Office office suite. Available from Open Office. This method definitely works with version 3.0.0. and up

This process utilises two scripts:
1. A script for GIMP which extracts the parts into separate files.
2. A script for OpenOffice which compiles them.

The scripts can be found here:

Script for GIMP:

Script for OpenOffice:

Click Tracker v2

A modified version of Joćo Pais's Click Tracker PD patch.
The patch is designed to produce click tracks using a simple code stored in text files.
I've added count-in commands, rests, easier to use tempo adjustment, and batch processing capabilities.

Download the .zip file here

Full Instructions here

Pitch Detection Patch

A Max/MSP patch for pitch detection. It uses Miller Puckette's fiddle~ external which will need to be installed before use.

Download the .pat file here