David Pocknee: Composer


David Pocknee is a composer, guitarist, visual artist and writer. He is currently studying for a PhD in composition at the University of Huddersfield, UK.

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Economics (2017 Version) for variable ensemble
Gray Winter Grimes (2017) for flute
The Pressure Is Off, So Scramble Your Demons (2016) for clarinet or bass clarinet
Realizations (2016) scores
We Doubled Down The Base Camps (2016) - for violin and cello, for Mira Benjamin and Gregor Riddell for nu:nord
But I Guess, In The End, We Just Moved Furniture Around (2015 - 2016) (ongoing collaboration with Richard Craig and Angela Guyton)



Composition Is Not A Jaffa Cake, Research Is Not A Biscuit: A Riposte to John Croft
An essay critiquing John Croft's Composition Is Not Research article from Tempo.

CeReNeM Journal

I edited the web-based fifth issue of the CeReNeM Journal.

This issue also features two pieces of writing by myself:

A Experimodern Coda to Human Sexuality

What Some Dead White Guy Did: A Topological Analysis of Beethoven's Pianoforte Sonatas

Better Know A Weisslich

As part of an ongoing series in which we profile the contributors to our Weisslich concert series, I have written some profiles on composers and performers we have featured:

Better Know A Weisslich: Kara Feely

Better Know A Weisslich: Charlie Sdralig

Better Know A Weisslich: Andy Ingamells

Better Know A Weisslich: G. Douglas Barrett

Advice for Experimental Composers

A Twitter feed offering advice for experimental composers:

Historically Ill-Informed Performance Practice

A podcast/documentary I wrote and recorded looking at the up-and-coming field of Historically Ill-Informed Performance Practice: https://soundcloud.com/musicaboutmovies/historically-ill-informed-performance-practice-documentary

The Institute of ACES

The Institute of Applied Cultural Economics and Sociology is an independent research organization designed to provide a platform for the use of cultural economics and cultural sociology as the basis for strategic interventions into the art markets.

Their website is here: http://www.acesinstitute.eu/

New Fordist Organization

The New Fordist Organization is a collective of composers, visual artists and performance artists, set up to apply the principles of mass-production, industrialization and mechanized creation, pioneered by the American industrialist Henry Ford, to the visual and performing arts. It is part of the The Institute of Applied Cultural Economics and Sociology, an independent research organization designed to provide a platform for the use of cultural economics and cultural sociology as the basis for strategic interventions into the art markets.

website: http://nfo.ricercata.org

Text Score A Day

A collective project. An experimental text score. 140 characters or less. Every day. Via Twitter. Between 2012-2013.

twitter page

Realtime Calendar

Rock Paper Scissors

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS was a concert series performed by Inlets Ensemble exploring sonic and conceptual strategies for creating music with simple, non-musical objects. Held at Audiotheque in Miami Beach during the summer of 2015, each concert focused on one object - rocks, paper or scissors - and featured an extensive program of historical and contemporary works.

Rock Paper Scissors Website


is a concert series for experimental music and performance started in 2014 and curated by composers Louis d'Heudieres, Michael Baldwin and David Pocknee.
... is a composer-run organisation that brings together work happening in and around experimental music and performance art
... puts on 3-4 concerts a year in London and Manchester that try to eclectically and unpredictably mix together people and work from different artistic disciplines alongside related historical works

More information can be found at www.weisslich.com

Much Too Much Noise

Much Too Much Noise is a publishing organisation that I run, dedicated to releasing concept-driven work in various media.


Latest Release:

MTMN004: Beach Bums
by Robert Blatt

A paperback book for the beach.
Released 13 January 2016
Made by Robert Blatt

Copies can be bought directly from lulu.com, a print-on-demand website: http://www.lulu.com/shop/robert-blatt/beach-bums/paperback/product-23006491.html or by contacting me.

The Zines:

Much Too Much Noise was originally the name of a zine:

Issue 1 - 9/11: Ten Years Of Sodom And Gomorrah
Issue 2 - Some Sadomasochistic Aspects Of Musical Pleasure